For teams


  • Managing Remote Teams
    Available virtual training
    2 blocs of 2 hours
  • Team leadership
    Available in-house
    2 days
  • Cross-cultural communication
    Available in-house
    2 days
  • Insights Discovery
    Available in-house & virtual training
    1 day face to face – two blocs of three hours virtual
  • Belbin team roles
    Available in-house
    1day program
  • Team MBTI step I & II
    Available in-house
    2days program


  • Team Dynamics workshop TDA®
  • Team Diagnostic Survey ® that reviews the 6 team conditions for performing teams
  • Team 360°
  • Team systemic workshop with ORSC®
  • LEGO® serious game workshop
  • Belbin® team roles
  • Team performance workshop
  • Vision, strategy & DNA workshop
  • Employee engagement workshop


Team coaching is a highly effective way to improve team performance, increase productivity, and drive positive results for your organization.

Our team coaching program offers a customized approach to meet the unique needs of your team, focusing on areas such as communication, collaboration, goal setting, and problem solving.

Although each team coaching programme is unique, tailored to the team’s needs, the process of working with a team over several months creates an environment of on-going improvement that builds new habits and creates accountability from one session to the next:

  1. Preparation Phase
    • Identify objectives
    • Intake sessions
    • Optional: Team Diagnostic Survey #1
  2. Team Coaching – 6 x 3h sessions
    • Kick-off + 5 coaching sessions
    • 30 min preparation sessions with team leader
  3. Closing
    • Review progress & identify next steps
    • Optional: Team Diagnostic Survey #2